Ayeeneh Members

Fa En

Majid Kolivand

Mostafa Hamedi

Career Objective:

To showcase, share and enhance my talent as an enthusiastic singer in and out of the country.

Skills and abilities:

Singing instructor in Zand institute and Tonat institute

Professional Experience:

Performed in various events such as:

Iranshahr Orchestra in Niavaran hall(Tehran,2016)

Neyestan ensemble in Roudaki hall(Tehran,2016)

Garden hotel(Guangzhou,2014)

Music college and the Institute of Oriental Studies and Babajanian hall(Yerevan,2013)

Hafez commemoration(Dubai,2013)

Muscat festival(Muscat,2012)

local festival (Tehran,2001)

Collaboration with the students of Art University and Tehran University in their theses

Educational Qualifications:

Graduated from Tehran Conservatory(2014)

Participated in maestro Mohammadreza Lotfi’s music course(2011) and maestro Mohammadreza Shajarian’s workshop(2007)

Instructed by maestro Mozaffar Shafiee (2004-2010)


I enjoy spending my spare time doing things related to music such as playing the setar,being involved in rehearsals,attending live concerts and listening to different artists.